SRR 112 Leaving Horizon Christian Fellowship

Tim and Carlos discuss Tim’s departure from Horizon Christian Fellowship and the letter he wrote to the members of the church.

First of all, let us look at fundamentalist performance in the last twenty years. As Modernism made inroads in the larger denominations, small groups of Fundamentalists here and there became disgusted and, rather than take up the disagreeable task of fighting for the purity of their denominations, quietly withdrew to form independent Bible churches. Some, not willing even to withdraw, simply closed their eyes to the denominational situation and quietly went to sleep in the false security of their local congregations. 

Both courses of action injured the cause of Christ, and in several ways. 

The withdrawal of Bible-believing Christians from the denominations made the progress of Modernism all the easier, so that when some noble men, like Dr. Machen, attempted to resist infidelity in the church, not only were false charges brought against them, but also they were tried and condemned in the ecclesiastical courts without being given the simple justice of a hearing -- without being permitted to present their defense. (John Robbins,