Invasion USA: Pueblo Sin Fronteras Endorses Petulant Asylum Demands

There is general agreement among those who have studied the migrant caravan issue that the principal organizing force behind it is a rather obscure group known as Pueblo Sin Fronteras (PSF).  

As proof, consider this article from the LA Times, which has the following paragraph buried near the end of the story, "Denis Omar Contera, an organizer with Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which is helping the group [migrant caravan], said the caravan plans to rest Monday before setting out again."  When the article says Mr. Contera is "helping" the caravan, it means he's an organizer.

In an article from April 4, 2018 about a previous caravan, CNBC makes PSF's involvement very clear when it reports here that, "Abeja is one of the lead organizers of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which for over 15 years has led migrants to the U.S. via caravans to help them to seek asylum in other countries" (emphasis mine).

As CNBC notes, PSF has been at the caravan business for 15 years, so the latest caravan is not the first time around the block for them.

Worth noting too, is what CNBC says about the close connection between the caravans and the Roman Catholic Church. 

The caravans are referred to in Spanish as Via Crucis Migrantes, or Migrant's Way of the Cross.  They are fashioned after the Stations of the Cross processions celebrated by Latin American and Latino Catholics to mark and "re-enact"  the final days of Jesus from prosecution to his burial in a tomb.

In such processions, someone plays Christ carrying a wooden cross and people from the congregation or community follow him.  Similarly, the volunteers from Pueblos (sic) Sin Fronteras and other groups accompany migrants in a caravan that travels in buses, on trains and on foot.

Clicking on the "Caravans" tab of the PSF website makes the connection between the caravans and the Roman Church-State clear.  For example, one finds on this page a photo with the headline "Viacrucis de Refugiados" (Refugees' Way of the Cross) from 2017.

A second photo shows migrants in a van with the headline Viacrucis Guadalupano (Guadalupine Way of the Cross) accompanied by an icon with what appears to be a VW Bus superimposed on an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Want more proof that the Roman Church-State is neck-deep in the caravan movement?  In an article from April 2018, columnist Michelle Malkin reported that, "The Vatican itself donated at least $20,000 in 2009 to erect a shelter for Central American illegal aliens through Ixtepec, Mexico, where they hopped on freight trains into our country.  Another papal society, Catholic Extension, has poured more than $12 million dollars into ministries along our southern border over the past five years 'to ensure that those who are on a journey are protected by the Church and that we advocate on their behalf,' according [to] the Catholic News Agency."  

Worth noting, is that there is an interesting Chicago connection to all this.  As Influence Watch reports, Pueblo Sin Fronteras is itself, "a project of La Familia Latina Unida, a Chicago, Illinois-based 501(c)(4) illegal immigration advocacy organization."  Also, the Catholic News Agency article mentioned above quotes Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago as saying, "It is at the core of who we are to ensure that those who are on a journey are protected by the Church and that we advocate on their behalf."

In short, when it comes to human trafficking and the violation of the immigration laws of the United States, Cardinal Cupich is down with it.  His own treasonous words condemn him. 


A Demanding List

Much more could be written about Rome's involvement in the caravan movement, and, Lord willing, I shall address these issues in future posts.  For now, though, I'd like to return to the subject at hand, which is a list of demands drawn up by a group called the San Diego Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition and endorsed by PSF on its website.  These demands are in anticipation of the International Day of Action scheduled for this Sunday, November 25.  PSF has posted the demands on its website.     

The preamble to the demands is a sort of clichéd Marxist rant filled with all the usual tropes one would expect in such a document. 

It starts off badly with a nod to, you guess it, the LGBTQ agenda.  It reads, "As thousands of our refugee relatives - children, elders, brother, sisters, LGBTQI+ siblings and people with disabilities - make their way to the border...." One doesn't have to do a lot of digging to see that the homosexual movement - notable for its virulent hatred of Christians and Christianity - is very much a featured part of the refugee invasion.  This in and of itself is enough to remove all doubt that the caravan organizers are up to no good.  But wait, there's more.

The preamble goes on the blame the US government for causing what it calls the "exodus" from Honduras and for "creating a warlike atmosphere against the caravan." This is rather interesting language considering the aggressive words and behavior that have come from the migrants over the past couple of months.  If anyone is responsible for creating a warlike atmosphere, it is those involved with the caravan, not the Trump administration.  Regarding US support for the ruling regimes in Honduras, there is probably some truth to this.  And yet, considering that Honduras is and historically has been a majority Roman Catholic country, has the Roman Church-State not more than a little responsibility for the poor conditions in that nation?

Continuing in this same vein, the writers of the preamble complain about "decades of pushback against the [Roman Catholic inspired] migrants' rights movement and years of terror against all who participated in the mega marches for Migrant's Rights back in 2006 and since."  This statement makes it clear that US support for current Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, cited earlier in the preamble as a reason for the caravan, is really just a red herring.  Hernandez has been in office since 2014, but the migrants were holding "mega marches" in 2006, eight years before Hernandez took office.

The writers of the preamble continue their rant, "Legal precedent, 'civility,' regard for life the [Trump] administration has no respect for any of it.  The only thing that it responds to is resistance from below."

Now who is it who's creating the "warlike atmosphere" surrounding the migrant invasion?  Is it not the migrants and their treasonous support network (remember, the Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition says it's based in San Diego, PSF's parent organization is in Chicago) in the US.

The preamble closes with a sort of threat.

The US government, as with all governments, and the people of the United States have a choice:  We can reject the humanity of the refugees and buy into the racist anti-migrant rhetoric of the Administration and the media, OR, we can do what humans have an obligation to do and what the US government owes the people of Central America:  insist on allowing all the refugees the right to seek asylum!

Note the language here of "obligation," "owes," "insist" and "right." One must support the Coalition's stance or one is a "racist," and "anti-migrant."

Now maybe you're thinking that, after all this threatening talk about migrant solidarity and the matching obligations of the American people to meet their every petulant demand, the Marxists at the Coalition would rest their case.  You'd be wrong. 

As it turns out, our comrades are just getting warmed up. 

"Demands," is the next word in the migrant manifesto, which introduces the six obligations all American are required to supply.

There is perhaps no way a migrant group could get on this author's bad side faster than bullet pointing out an arrogant list of demands to which he and his fellow Americans must accede upon pain of being called dreadful names.  It's almost like an SJW version of the Knights of Nie from Monty Python.  Well, sirs, do your worst.

As far as this author is concerned, the word "Demand" is a discussion ender.  Whatever sympathy he may have had for the migrants vanishes as the morning dew with this sort of talk.  Them's fightin' words.     

The demands are:

1. Respect for the right of asylum for all members of the Central American Exodus.  Stop the profiling and criminalization of refugees; lift the executive order limiting access to asylum.

Calling the migrant caravan an Exodus is, of course, an allusion to the Bible's account of the children of Israel's leaving Egypt for the Promised Land. Funny thing, though, I don't recall Moses speaking or acting anything like the migrant mob and its supporters.  When Moses led Israel to the borders of Edom, he sent an embassy to the King of Edom asking, not demanding, him to grant the Israelites passage through his border.  Moses promised the Israelites would stay on the main road and that they wouldn't eat the Edomites food or drink their water. 

Regarding the demand to stop profiling and to lift the executive order limiting access to asylum, the migrants and their advocates show by their own words and actions that they are a threat the to the United States and by all means should be kept out of the country.

2. Process all asylum claims made at Ports of Entry with expediency.  We reject Custom and Border Protection's claim that Port of Entries lack capacity to let in refugees.  We also reject the shift away from decades of international asylum agreements that allow for requests to be made anywhere on the border.

As an American patriot, I reject the arrogant demands of the Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition.  I could not possibly care less what these people think.  And if they think, as apparently they do, that speaking in this fashion will win them points with the American people, all I can say is good luck with that.  Just keep running your mouths.

3. The US government must publicly acknowledge 1) its role in (sic) Honduran Coup in 2009, b) that the Honduran government is a US supported dictatorship, and c) recognize the political and social crises throughout Central America as (sic) caused by US foreign policy.

US foreign policy could be partially blamed for the problems in Central America, but this is not the whole story.  That this is the case can be seen by the fact that by the Coalition's own admission, there were migrant demonstrations going on at least as far back as 2006, before the 2009 coup and before Juan Orlando Hernandez came to power in 2014. Could it be that the Roman Catholic Church-State has some responsibility for the sorry state of Honduras?  Could the Honduran people share some of the blame?  Just asking. 

And what is more, even if American foreign policy has caused problems in Honduras, why do Hondurans have to trek thousands of miles to come to the US? If the US is so  terrible, why would a Honduran want to come here?  Especially when he has the choice of any number of nations more similar to his home country that are much close than is the US.

4. Call for international solidarity beyond the US and Mexico.  The United Nations and Red Cross must also recognize the Humanitarian crisis at the US/Mexico Border.

Solidarity is one of those buzz words popular with collectivists, including secular collectivists such as the Marxists and religions collectivists such as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), which uses the word 16 times in its 2003 attack on the independence of the United States called Strangers no Longer.  

Anytime you hear a politician or Roman Catholic prelate talking about solidarity, you can be sure they are lying to you in order to steal from you.

5. We demand freedom for incarcerated migrants now and free movement for asylum seekers.  No incarceration of migrants in shelters or for-profit detention centers.

Translating this into a little more honest language, the Coalition and PSF are demanding that 1) the US essentially abolish its border and 2) let asylum seekers do whatever they want. 

And if anything bad - say, murder or rape - happens to American citizens as a result of this free-range asylum demand?  Well, you bunch of deplorably racist Americans are just getting what you deserve, no?     

6. No impunity for governments that violate international asylum agreements and processes.  Prosecute officials who violate the human right to see asylum in any country of their preference.

Back in June, then Mexican presidential candidate, now president elect, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO as the Mexican press calls him) said,

Soon, very soon, after the victory of our movement, we will defend migrants all over the American continent and the migrants of the world who, by necessity, must abandon their towns to find life in the United States...It's a human right we will defend."

Apparently, the folks in the caravan and their fellow travelers took AMLO, who's set to take office on December 1, at his word.  Now that he's got thousands of migrants bottled up on his side of the border, it should be interesting to see how serious he is about his campaign promise.


In Closing   

Some may wonder how it is that I, as a Christian, can take such a dim view of the migrant caravan.  After all, these are needy people and the Bible calls us to welcome the stranger, doesn't it?

To this I would answer, yes, the Bible does tell us to welcome the stranger.  But just what does that actually mean?  I contend invoking "welcome the stranger" is the equivalent of someone yelling "judge not lest you be judged" any time a Christian speaks out against flagrantly sinful behavior.  In both cases, the meaning of Scripture is violated by those wishing to use it to defend  their unchristian ideas and practices.

In the case of "judge not," this passage in not a call to abandon all judgment.  It is a warning not to judge by unbiblical standards. 

In like fashion, "welcome the stranger" does not mean allowing a hostile alien horde to crash your borders, to demand asylum, and to call upon the government to forcibly take your property and give it to them.

All Christian charity is private charity.  Government socialism of the sort the Coalition and PSF demand is not charity at all, but theft. 

The American people are under no "obligation" whatsoever to turn over their country or their private property to assuage the "demands" of a petulant caravan of migrants, the socialist President of Mexico, the treasonous USCCB, or the arrogant collectivists at PSF or the Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition.

The Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition and PSF have issued a call to action for this Sunday.  This American Christian will gladly comply. 

He will be busy praying that the Lord confound the counsel of these enemies of freedom, that he put them openly to shame, and that he send the caravan back whence it came.


Steve MatthewsComment