Mexico, Mass Migration, and the Example of Moses Part XIII: Strangers No Longer, Odds and Ends (B)

Compassion For Whom?

When it comes to writing about migrant issues, most authors write sympathetically about the migrants, while showing almost complete disregard for the populations called upon to support them. 

While I can have compassion for migrants, immigrants and refugees, what about my fellow Americans?  Are they not much more my neighbors than someone from Guatemala?  Do they not deserve my consideration and compassion?

What about Americans who lose their jobs or have their wages lowered because of increased competition from illegal immigrations?  Am I not to be concerned about them?

What about Americans who are raped, killed, and murdered, by those who have no legal standing to be in the United States?  Am I to turn a blind eye to the suffering of the victims and of their families?

It's amazing how little concern the Roman Church-State and the political, intellectual, and business establishments have for the serious plight of large swaths of the American population, some of whose problems are the direct result of the failure of government officials to provide even a minimum level of enforcement of American immigration law, while at the same time presuming to lecture Americans about their lack of compassion for foreigners.

News flash for those concerned about foreign migrants.  Americans are real people too, and they have real problems and legitimate concerns that deserve real attention.

Charity, as they say, starts at home.


Isn't It Racist To Reject Mexican, Guatemalan and Honduran Migrants?

Although SNL doesn't directly call "racist" those concerned about current US immigration laws, it does seem to make allusions to this idea in various places throughout.  On the other hand, it is fairly common for people to invoke the term "racist" when it comes to anyone who questions the reigning immigration orthodoxy that has done so much damage to this country.  As such, it seems good to discuss the race issue here.  .

If you go back and read through all twelve posts in this series so far, you will find that nowhere does this author bring up the issue of race as a reason to oppose mass, taxpayer subsidized immigration, migration and refugee resettlement. 

The reason for this is, in truth, that the ongoing migrant crisis in the United States and in Europe is only superficially about race.  But playing the so-called "race card" very much works to the advantage of the Roman Church-State and others who are fostering the migrant crisis, because it allows them to define their opponents as evil people and shut them up, or at least prevent their arguments from being taken seriously. 

Much more than being about race, the migrant crisis is about economics and politics.  Even more fundamentally, the migrant crisis is about the theological ideas that support the economic and political philosophy of the Roman Church-State and other globalists who have an interest in creating and sustaining the migrant crisis.

To put it another way, the migrant issue is first and foremost about ideas, ideas which are completely unrelated to race.

Throughout Scripture, the consistent message on economics and politics is capitalism and limited government.  Rome, on the other hand, is all about socialism and tyranny.  And it is this conflict - the conflict between the Protestant economics and politics of liberty and those of Romanist tyranny - that is really the issue at hand when it comes to the migrant crisis.


The Primacy of Ideas

Immigration is one of the more difficult and scary topics to treat, perhaps especially if you're a Christian.  Even so much as raising the meekest question about the wisdom of bringing millions of welfare migrants into the US is enough to get you called nasty names.  This, in itself, is enough to discourage many writes from broaching the subject.

So how has this author managed to overcome his fear of being called nasty names?  By realizing that the charge of racism is really a red herring designed to put people off the scent.

The proper focus of any criticism of immigration is the philosophy that underlies the errant policy.  In any system of thought, theory comes first, then practice.  If one can refute the foundational theory, he also refutes the practices that are built upon it.

In the case of Rome, its migrant initiatives are built on the unbiblical idea of the Universal Destination of Goods.  God did not give the world to mankind in common as the Romanists would have you believe, he gave it to man severally, beginning with Adam who was owner of the whole world and who passed on his property to his children, who passed it on to their children, and so on and so forth down to the present day.

The correct Biblical view of property holds that ownership, not need, is the only moral title to property.  Apart from taxation to support the legitimate, Biblical functions of government or fines levied as punishment for a crime, the state is not to take property from its citizens.  Further, the owner's use of his property, so long as it is lawful, is not to be interfered with by the state. 

The economic and political ideas taught in Scripture overthrow Rome's false teaching on these subjects.  Since  the Universal Destination of Goods contradicts the teaching of the Bible on property, it is false doctrine and is to be rejected.  And if the Universal Destination of Goods is to be rejected, so too is Rome's migrant policy which is built upon it.

The key to cracking Rome's arguments for mass, taxpayer subsidized, nation breaking immigration policies is to focus, not on people, but on Rome's badly flawed economic and political ideas.


The Abject Failure of American Protestant Churches to Teach Christians About the Identity of Antichrist

When reading through Romanist documents such as SNL, I am struck, in the first place, by just how remarkably evil these writings are.  But in the second place, I'm also struck by the fact that American Christians have almost no idea of the depths of the evil arrayed against them in the person of the pope and the organization of the Roman Church-State. 

Beginning over a century ago, American Christians - an I mean even Christians who would call themselves Bible-believing conservatives - have been subjected to a propaganda campaign telling them that Roman Catholics are Christians, Rome is a Christian church and the pope is their friend, their brother in Christ and a critical ally in the culture war.

All of these teachings are false.

Rome is the greatest enemy of Jesus Christ there is on earth.  The Roman Church-State is Satan's masterpiece, an organization that has managed to bamboozle, so it would seem, even the elect into thinking it a true church of Christ, all the while presenting a false Christ who teaches a false faith-works gospel which saves no one.

Or ask yourself, Christian, when was the last time you heard a Protestant preacher preach about the papal Antichrist?  If you are like most 21st century American Christians, the answer is never.

By way of example, consider the Refugee and Immigrant Ministry Resources page from the Presbyterian Church In America's (PCA) website.

The PCA is America's largest conservative Presbyterian denomination, but its Refugee page encourages members to click on links, not only to the USCCB (highlighted above), but also to Church World Service, an uberliberal, very political, anything but Christian organization (also highlighted).

Why, Oh, why is a putatively conservative Presbyterian church sending its sheep into the arms of Antichrist?!  How is it possible that they have so little discernment?

Another, related problem is the failure of Protestant scholars to critically examine Rome's teaching on migration.  In the experience on this writer, it is almost impossible to find any sound criticism of the Church-State's immigration program from a fellow Protestant. 

In fact, this author is aware of only one other writer who has bothered to critique SNL, a pastor from Wisconsin name Ralph Ovadal.  You may read his 2006 article here.

How is it possible for the professing Protestant church to be almost completely missing in action over the past twelve years on this crucial issue, all the while Rome is hard at work promoting its false ideas? 

For my part, I'm ashamed at the sorry state of Protestant commentary on immigration.  Brethern, it's high time that we got in the fight.


In Closing

When undertaking to write a series such as this, I find that, generally speaking,  I have multiple reasons for choosing a topic.  Such is the case for my decision to write once again on immigration.

In the first place, it's a subject that interests me.  Writing is hard work, and if one is to write consistently well on a subject, a certain amount of native interest is a necessary condition. 

Second, it's an important topic.  For a number of years now, immigration quite rightly has been one of the greatest areas of concern to voters.  Presidents and congressmen come and go, as do many of their policies.  But immigration is forever.  A nation's immigration policy has permanent effects upon the country.  If its immigration policy is a bad one, one that serves the interest of a few while harming those of the general population, those permanent effects will be for the worse for that nation's future. 

Third, immigration policy is an opportunity for Christians to separate themselves from the evil ideas and practices of the Babylonian Harlot Roman Church-State and her Antichrist papal head.  The apostle Paul enjoined Christians to mark those who cause divisions and offenses and avoid them.  In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul commanded the believers to, "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them."

As Christians we are called to mark, to expose and to avoid the doctrines of false teachers.  And as there is no greater false teacher than the Antichrist papacy, so too is it of utmost importance to mark, to expose, and to avoid his false teachings in every area, including in matters of immigration.  Given how much is riding on the issue of immigration, the need to observe Paul's injunction in this area is even more critical than in many others.

Which leads me to my fourth reason for writing this series, which is to hopefully encourage others to do their own research and writing on the topic of Rome's evil immigration policies.  In my experience, the vast majority of the little written by Protestants on immigration is really just warmed over ideas taken from the writings of the bishops and popes of Rome.

Brothers, this is not how things should be.

As Christians, we should be thought leaders in this area.  Instead we find ourselves shamefully begging intellectual bread from the table of Antichrist.  This has got to stop.

Finally, I write what I do because I'm a patriot.  The Lord has blessed us with this wonderful country, but I fear we do not appreciate what we've been given and find ourselves very nearly at the point of losing it.

As a Christian, I realize that this world is not my home, that I'm a stranger and pilgrim on the earth. 

But even so, Christians are called, as were the exiled Jews in Babylon, to pray for the peace of the city.  For in the peace of the city, we, as they did, will find peace. And as was Daniel, so too are Christians called to provide Godly counsel to that end.

It is this author's prayer that this series of articles will contribute to that cause.

(To be continued...)