SRR #8 | Boycotting Christians Drop Transgender Truth Bomb on Conservative Preacher's Wife, Pt. II

Christian, do you suffer from Bible Dysphoria? It’s spreading like the plague in churches today. Bible Dysphoria is a condition that disorients Christians and affects their ability to identify with the Bible. Common symptoms include biblically contrary lifestyle and worldview, idiosyncrasy, unorthodoxness, lack of discernment, inability to see how the Bible applies today, dissatisfaction with the Bible, failure to take the Bible seriously, lukewarmness, worldliness, taking pleasure in unrighteousness rather than rejoicing in the truth, spiritual infantilism, and capitulating to the spirit of Antichrist. In this episode, Tim and Carlos continue to examine Jaci Lambert’s article and prescribe a treatment for Christians with Bible Dysphoria who have an unbiblical outlook on Target’s bathroom policy. Do you know someone who suffers from Bible Dysphoria? If so, the best medicine is a steady dose of Semper Reformanda Radio and Scripture! No prescription required!

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