SRR #27 | Have I Then Become Your Enemy

SRR welcomes Andrew Rappaport to the show this week as Tim and Andrew discuss the difficult task of sharing our faith with those who are closest to us. They open up about personal experiences and share insight into the word of God which calls us to be faithful even when others want us to remain silent. Tim extends an open invitation to his own family, who is predominantly Roman Catholic, to have an open, respectful dialogue about matters of the faith. Many times people equate disagreement with hatred and as Christians, we are called to love those who misunderstand us, falsely accuse us, revile against us, and even persecute us. We would like to give special thanks to Andrew Rappaport for having such a difficult conversation in the hopes of encouraging other believers. If you would like to email Andrew you can reach him at Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email us at Check out our blog: Rate and Review us on iTunes:…id901586827?mt=2

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