SRR #29 | Is Paul Washer a Heretic

This week SRR welcomes Peter Christian to the show and asks him to defend his recent comments that Paul Washer, John MacArther, and Steve Lawson are heretical. Peter Christian does a podcast out of Canada called Grace Hour Radio and is building a following of devoted listeners. What starts out a discussion in this episode turns into a lively debate as Peter attempts to explain why he doesn't believe anyone can be saved without embracing the five points of Calvinism known by the acronym TULIP. It is interesting to point out that in this episode Peter states that there is no condition for salvation and appears to be confusing that with unconditional election. Peter makes multiple category errors and we may have to address some of it at a later time. At this point, we are not recommending Peter or his ministry to our listeners as we do not think he is teaching sound doctrine. Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email us at Check out our blog:

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