SRR #49 | Answering Questions Christians Have for Other Christians

Join Tim and Carlos and Joseph Rios for, what is sure to be a controversial episode, as they take a stand against cultural Christianity and give answers to the youtube video Questions Christians Have for Other Christians. Listen in as Semper Reformanda Radio takes up the defense of Biblical Christianity which may not be popular in some circles today.We strongly believe that this video, which is extremely popular, is a good representation of professing Christians who almost completely lack discernment. As John Robbins wrote:

The lack of discernment is the lack of wisdom and knowledge. It is an intellectual deficiency. Professed churches and professed Christians lack discernment today because they do not know or believe the truth. They profess to, but they do not. Those who decry the lack of discernment in today’s churches usually fail to attribute that lack to its first cause: the purpose, plan, and providence of God. Further, they fail to indicate how God carries out his plan, how he darkens minds, how he withholds his light and his face. Objectively this darkening is the dearth of preaching and publication of the Word; subjectively it is the rejection of revealed truth, including, at the present time, the revealed truth about logical thought.

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