SRR #54 | Roman Catholics & The Mingled Cup Part 2

Join Tim Shaughnessy and Tim Kauffman on this week’s episode of Semper Reformanda Radio for part two in this mini series on the Roman Catholic practice of mixing water with wine during the Lords supper. Does the Roman Catholic church have an apostolic tradition that the Protestants do not have? Roman Catholic apologist will appeal to the early church fathers to show that there was an apostolic rite of adding water to wine during the Lord's supper and they will try to argue that the Roman Catholic church is, therefore, the true church. Furthermore, the official dogma of the Roman Catholic church holds that if you reject this practice then you are anathema. Join us as Tim Kauffman refutes their position and shows why this practice of mixing water with wine was not an apostolic rite but rather a secular practice of making wine. The practice of mixing water with wine is a novelty of the late 4th century. Tim Kauffman does another fantastic job of explaining why the Roman Catholic system is built on a house of cards.

As always we want to thank Tim Kauffman and recommend his blog to our listeners.

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