SRR 96 The Danielic Imperative Part 18 — Between Two Strikes

In this episode we highlight the Roman Catholic argument that Daniel foresaw Roman Catholicism as the earthly manifestation of the heavenly kingdom to be established by Christ during the Feet of the statue of Daniel 2, and during the period of the Fourth Beast in Daniel 7. According to that interpretation, Daniel saw Christ’s Church as the earthly successor to the Roman Empire, and thus, prodigal Protestants must come home to Rome to be reconciled to the Heavenly Kingdom Christ established. Many otherwise intelligent Protestants fall for that argument, but it is built upon an impossible paradox. The Roman Catholic argument assumes the Stone of Daniel 2 only strikes the statue once. Upon inspection, however, the Stone actually strikes the statue twice, and what Daniel revealed to us was not that Christ’s Earthly Kingdom was to succeed the Roman Empire, but rather that the immediate successor to the fourth earthly empire was a diabolical fifth earthly empire that citizens of Christ’s Heavenly Kingdom must avoid at all costs. Christ’s earthly reign does not occur until after the second strike of the Stone, and we are currently living between the two strikes. To long for Christ’s earthly kingdom to appear prior to the second strike is to long for Antichrist, which is precisely what Protestant converts to Roman Catholicism have done.