SRR 78 The Danielic Imperative, part 15 - The Last 45 Days

In this week’s episode, Timothy Kauffman continues with his discussion on the 2,300, the 1,290 and the 1,335 days of the 70th Week of Daniel. After summarizing our previous discussion on the 2,300 evening and mornings, and the 3 1/2 year period that was 1,290 days long, we proceed into a discussion the 1,335 days, and why there were an additional 45 days of difficulty for the Jews even after the 70 “weeks” were over, and the sanctuary had been cleansed and the altar had been rededicated. After completing the discussion on the 1,335 days, we turn our attention to Jesus’ warning in the gospels that the abomination of desolation foretold by Daniel would return within one generation. The abomination of desolation was a statue of Jupiter erected by Antiochus IV in 167 B.C., and within on generation of Jesus’ prophecy, the statue of Jupiter returned to Israel, and from that point the situation in Judæa began to deteriorate rapidly, just as Jesus had warned.