TPW 7 Misusing Reformed Theologians Past and Present in Defense of John Piper's False Gospel

Join Pastor Patrick Hines for this special edition of The Protestant Witness as he addresses the misuse of Reformed Theologians in defense of John Piper’s false gospel.  

Just like the devotees of the Federal Vision errors of yester-year did, contemporary defenders of John Piper are scouring the Puritans and Reformed theologians past and present desperately trying to find something, anything that might sound a little bit like what John Piper is saying.

It is simply incredible that some have attempted to defend Piper by claiming we have taken him out of context while at the same time citing other solid Reformed Theologians like Michael Horton, Francis Turretin and John Calvin, among others, out of context in order to defend Piper. The attempts to redefine what Piper teaches so as to make him sound more orthodox while at the same time redefining what other Reformed Theologians have taught so as to make them sound more like Piper is either a mark of poor scholarship or dishonesty.  

Among the most common Reformed Theologians to be cited out of context is Francis Turretin to which Pastor Hines recommends the book Justification by Francis Turretin for an accurate analysis of his thought.