TDB 2 The Conversion of Father Ray Ryland, Part 2

In this  episode, Timothy F. Kauffman continues his analysis of the arguments from former Episcopalian, Ray Ryland, who converted to Roman Catholicism based, in part, on the evidence for Papal, Roman authority in the early church. Ryland’s arguments are examined in the original context of the writings he cites, and Kauffman shows that Ryland converted to Roman Catholicism based either on ignorance, a lie, or both. In part II, we cover Ryland’s arguments from the controversy of Paul of Samosata, the heretic Bishop of Antioch during the time of Dionysius, Bishop of Rome (c. 260 A.D.). We also cover Ryland's claim that Sylvester, Bishop of Rome, presided at the Council of Nicæa (325 A.D.) through Bishop Hosius of Cordoba, claiming that Hosius was Sylvester's representative at the Council, and that general councils only confirm the teachings of a Roman Bishop.