TDB 3 The Conversion of Father Ray Ryland, Part 3

In this episode, host Timothy F. Kauffman concludes his analysis of Fr. Ray Ryland’s claims to have found papal authority in the early church by walking the listener through Constantine’s judicial reforms and how they related to the trial of Athanasius. Ryland claimed that there was an ancient custom of the Bishop of Rome being the final arbiter of ecclesiastical disputes, that Athanasius was exonerated and returned to his episcopal seat in Alexandria as soon as Bishop Julius of Rome ruled on his case, and that Julius claimed his judicial authority over the other bishops based on a custom that had been received from the Apostle Peter. None of those claims is true. Kauffman then walks the listener through a brief summary of Ryland’s arguments to show that the Roman Catholic apologist can only find Papal Roman authority in the recesses his own imagination.