TDB 6 Taylor Marshall Reprise and The Conversion of Marcus Grodi part 1

In this episode, we revisit the issue of receiving communion in the early church in order to display the great lengths Taylor Marshall has gone to try to find evidence for communion on the tongue, and to suppress evidence of the ordinary mode of communion in the hand. We expand on the concept of the Presumption of Apostolic Continuity and provide examples of how it is used by Roman Catholics. We then proceed into the conversion of Marcus Grodi, former Presbyterian and Congregationalist who now hosts the Coming Home Network’s “Journey Home” television show that highlights the conversion stories of Protestants who return to Roman Catholicism.

Episode notes:

Communion on Tongue vs. Hand (Taylor Marshall)

Basil of Cæsarea, Epistle 93, To the Patrician Cæsaria, concerning Communion

Council of Saragossa, Canon 3

III. Ut qui eucharistiam in ecclesia accipit et ibi non eam sumit anathamatizetur

Item Legit: “Eucharistiae gratiam si quis probatur acceptam in ecclesia non sumpsisse, anathema sit in perpetuum.” (H. T. Bruns, Canones apostolorum et conciliorum saeculorum iv., v., vi., vii., pars altera (Berlin, 1839) (13))

Tertullian of Carthage, To His Wife

Cyprian of Carthage, Epistle 55, To the People of Thibaris, Exhorting to Martyrdom

John Chrysostom of Antioch, Homily 82 on the Gospel of Matthew

Cyril of Jerusalem, Catechetical Lecture 23

Priestly celibacy in patristics and in the history of the Church

Marcus Grodi: The Early Church Fathers I Never Saw - The Journey Home (3-19-2007)

Cyprian of Carthage, Epistle 63, To Epictetus and to the Congregation of Assurae, Concerning Fortunatianus, Formerly Their Bishop

Cyprian of Carthage, Epistle 67, To the Clergy and People Abiding in Spain, Concerning Basilides and Martial, Their Former Bishops