TDB 8 The Conversion of Marcus Grodi part 3 (THE EUCHARIST PART 1)

In this episode, we begin to analyze the second part of Marcus Grodi's evidence from the early church fathers that led to his conversion to Roman Catholicism: the Eucharist. We cover the origin of the Eucharist and the origin of the term "Sacrifice of the Mass" and begin to show from the early church that “the Eucharist” was the tithe offering for 300 years, until the end of the 4th century when the Roman Catholic Sacrifice of the Mass was born.

Show Notes:

Marcus Grodi: The Early Church Fathers I Never Saw - The Journey Home (3-19-2007)

On the late origin of the Roman Catholic Sacrifice of Christ’s Body and Blood in the Supper

Gregory of Nyssa, On the Space of Three Days, Oration 1 (382 AD)

Ambrose of Milan, Commentaries on Twelve Psalms of David, Psalm 38 (389 AD)

On Roman Catholicism’s inability to explain the origin of the term “the Mass” to refer to the Supper

Roman Catholic Encyclopedia, Ite Missa Est

On the “the Sacrifice of the Mass” originally referring to the dismissal of unbelievers for the offering of tithes and prayers

Justin Martyr, First Apology (155-156 AD)

Hippolytus of Rome, the Apostolic Tradition (c. 215 AD)

The Canons of the Council of Nicæa (325 AD)

The Canons of the Council of Nicæa (Greek and Latin) (325 AD)

Athanasius, Apology Against the Arians, Part 1 (c. 341 AD)

On Protestant efforts to redefine the Memorial Meal as an offering of Christ to the Father

Jim Jordan, Doing the Lord’s Supper, November, 1995

Jeffrey Meyers, The Lord’s Service: The Grace of Covenant Renewal Worship, 223 (2003)

Peter Leithart, Eucharistic Sacrifice, January 12, 2017

On the New Covenant Sacrifice of the Early Church

Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho, Chapters 109- 124 (155-167 AD)

Irenæus, Against Heresies (174-189 AD)

Cyprian of Carthage, Treatise XII (c. 255 AD)

Tertullian, Against Marcion, Book III (208 AD)

Tertullian, Against Marcion, Book IV (208 AD)

Tertullian, On Prayer (c. 200 AD)

Origen, Homilies on Genesis, Homily XIII

Eusebius of Cæsarea, Proof of the Gospel, Book I (311 AD)

Aphrahat of Persia, Demonstration 4, On Prayer

On Cyprian’s statement “for the Lord's passion is the sacrifice which we offer”

Cyprian of Carthage, Epistle 62 (c. 253 - 257 AD)

Pontius the Deacon, The Life and Passion of St. Cyprian

Cyprian of Carthage, Epistle 59

Cyprian of Carthage, Epistle 33

Their Praise was their Sacrifice, part 5 (analysis of Cyprian’s use of “offer”)

The Didache (50s-90s AD)

The Interlinear Didache

Migne’s Series on the Greek Fathers

Clement of Rome, To the Corinthians (late 1st century)

Ignatius of Antioch, To the Smyrnæans (107 AD)

Justin Martyr, First Apology (155-156 AD)