SRR 90 A Reformed Baptist and Presbyterian Debate

This week Tim Shaughnessy welcomes Pastor Patrick Hines and Brandon Adams to the show to discuss Baptism and Covenant Theology. In addition to the show, both participants in the discussion would like to offer additional resources to our listeners. 

Brandon Adams has provided the following resources to us. 

Patrick Hines has provided the following resources to us. 

Sermon: "Biblical Infant Baptism and Covenant Theology":

Sermon Manuscript:

Sermon: "Infant Baptism Defended" (Interacting with Reformed Baptist authors and theologians):

Sermon Manuscript:

New Members Class:

Answering Good Questions about Infant Baptism:

Response to Brandon Adam's Video Misrepresentation of My sermons and videos on Baptism: [I removed this since Brandon has admitted his video was a misrepresentation of everything I said in both sermons and in my video linked just above here]