TPW 55 Christian Worship Versus Novelty and Instant Gratification

In this sermon, I address the issue of addition to Scripture, subtraction from Scripture, deduction from Scripture with regard to the “elements” of worship, and the use of prudence and wisdom regarding the “circumstances” of worship.

The "elements" of a worship service are: prayer, bible reading, preaching, singing, sacraments, and on special occasions taking oaths. These are what God requires us always to do. These are regulated by Scripture alone.

The "circumstances" of a worship service are: a building (or location), a pulpit, pews, air conditioning, the time of the service, etc. These are regulated by Christian prudence and the application of biblical wisdom.

Two books mentioned in this sermon:

  1. All God’s Children in Blue Suede Shoes by Ken Myers

  2. How God Wants Us to Worship Him by Dr. Joe Morecraft