SRR 100 The Danielic Imperative, Episode 19 — The Feet and the Toes of Daniel 2


In this episode we focus on the historical gap in typical eschatologies that are able to identify the transitions in Daniel’s vision of chapter 2—from Gold to Silver, from Silver to Bronze, and from Bronze to Iron—but are less sure on the transitions from Iron to Iron & Clay, and from Feet to Toes. We examine the Scriptural evidence to show that the period of the Feet must have begun in 69 AD, shortly before the destruction of Jerusalem, and the period of the Toes must have begun in 293 AD. We also discuss Daniel’s focus not only imperial succession, but also on imperial transition throughout his visions, and in a sidebar discussion, we evaluate the traditional dating of the Book of Revelation. By identifying the transitions from Legs to Feet, and from Feet to Toes, we can clearly identify in the period of the Feet the Heavenly Kingdom that was not of earth, and distinguish it from the earthly kingdom set up during the period of the Toes, that was not of heaven .